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Top 5 Reasons You Will Benefit from Solar Installation

Solar energy is free and can be harnessed through a solar panel home installation. Although the panels and the installation will cost a fee, it will more than pay for itself in time. Solar energy is clean, renewable, and sustainable. You'll never run out of supply as...
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How to Choose a Professional Solar Installer

Once you've decided to use a solar energy system, the next step is to find a reliable solar installer. Choosing the professionals who will install the panels is as important as purchasing the right system. The company must have the expertise and high-quality...

why go solar in 2019

Beacon provides residential and commercial solar installations and service. 2019 is the Final Year to get the max Federal Tax Credit Since the Federal Investment Tax Credit was extended back in 2015, homeowners and commercial property owners who purchase and install...

Smart Program

Learn more about it below If you’re a Massachusetts resident who is considering solar, you may have heard of SMART(Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target) — the latest solar incentive program designed to promote the development of solar here in Massachusetts. This new...

The Rise Of Thin Film Solar Panels

When most people think of solar panels they think of those big glass silicon panels. They currently utterly dominate the solar installation market, and likely will for some time. The energy generation per square meter is favorable, making it suitable for small...

Batteries: Solar’s Best Friend

One of solar's biggest criticisms, and one of the most legitimate, is that the sun is only in view for less than half of the day. This is understandably a real problem if renewables are to become a serious contributor to the traditional energy industry and usher in a...

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