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About Beacon Solar

Beacon Solar is a solar installation and maintenance company local to the south shore area of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Most importantly we employ master electricians and field crews are experienced and knowledgeable. All systems are installed to the latest local, state, and federal regulations. Beacon Solar services all of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Many people may not be aware but Massachusetts and Rhode Island are considered among the best markets to own a solar array system, that is a fact! There are generous tax credits, production-based incentives, and financing options available in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Besides we are here to help with out experienced staff at Beacon Solar explore the options that work best for you.

about beacon solar

What Does Beacon Solar Do?

Every residential or commercial prodject is a little different. Over our nearly ten year history and hundreds of projects installed, we have encountered a wide array of unique scenarios. It is that experience that allows us the qualifications to work for you from the initial meeting through design and finally installation. Customer service is above all what Beacon is all about.

Other companies typically focus on sales acquisition. Therefore they will sell you on a system and then hand it over to a different company for design and the solar installation. Beacon Solar helps guide you through the entire process, reducing cost, time, and hassle.

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There are a lot of reasons to be in the renewable energy industry. Renewable energy is the future for our planet. There is enough free energy hitting the earth every day to cover all of our power needs. Harvesting it means investing in your local economy. It means well paying jobs. It means saving money and self sufficiency for our customers. It means less pollution and increased health benefits for all of us. It means a more reliable grid network. It means a better world for everyone.

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